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The Brass Ring artists were asked to write about their paintings and Love & Art workshop experience for the art catalog, excerpted below.

To download The Brass Ring Art Collection catalog pdf - click here.

Brass Ring art catalog cover
The Brass Ring collection catalog cover

Lamond W. (age 14)

Oil paint, spackling, wood, bark, rocks, gems, glitter and crystals on canvas.
size: 48” x 72”

This painting was handed to me by my imagination.
It was just something that came to me like...
Hey, why don’t I do an eclipse with a red and black sky.
It was just something... just out of the ordinary.
During this project I told myself - Let’s rock!!
Just paint like as if it were volcanic.

This was my first painting experience that I had to work as an artist.
I put myself, my heart and soul into it. This first experience was awesome
and maybe the best. It was a thrill working on this painting...

I, myself, felt great about doing it, not just for me but for charity.
This painting is like me. I see myself so open and mysterious.

Theresa W. (age 14)

Oil paint, crystals, pearls and glitter on canvas.
size: 36” x 48”

This painting was inspired by a picture in a video game that I have played called "Kingdom Hearts 2". It was a picture of a gloomy looking beach with a light shining through it. It was the concept that you’re in the dark and walking toward the light.

As I started to paint this picture, it wasn't my vision to be the way it is now. But as I kept going it evolved into something amazing.

The reason why I named this painting "Sea of Emotions" is that it can bring many feelings. It's different for each person,
that's what I love about it.

I am extremely proud of my painting.

Tasha B. (age 8)

Oil paint, spackling, wood, beads, feathers, gems, and glitter
on canvas.
size: 48” x 72”

This painting represents going from a teenager all the way to a woman. Because when you’re 15 -
you’re a teenager then you’re going to become a woman.

It’s called Quiceañera.
I did the painting because it is for girls and because I like the age 15.

Sometimes I draw hearts and little cars but
this time I did something different.

I had fun and I would like to do it again sometime.
I liked it because it was really fun when I got
to use spackling...
it stuck to my hands and wouldn’t come off and
it feels so smudgy.

Jack A. (age 14)

Oil paint, spackling, bark and golden web on canvas.
size: 48” x 48”

The reason I decided to paint this painting is because I was in a web of thought. I was not going to stop painting until it looked like a spider ’s web.

I'm always thinking about family, school, past, future,
work, play, and friends.

I wanted to be part of this project because I always liked art. The experience was fun and I had a really good time doing it.

My favorite part was painting, and getting the bark
from the trees down the street...
and throwing the ball for Diego was fun too.

Ashtyn C. (age 14)

Oil paint, gems, crystals, web and gold leaf on canvas.
size: 60” x 48”

I didn’t know what to paint at first,
but finally I came up with something.
I decided to paint a sunset because I love nature.

During this painting I learned how to blend colors
and use my imagination at a much higher level.

I’m glad that I was able to have this opportunity.
I plan to do so many more paintings in the future.

Kevin G. (age 14)

Oil and acrylic paint, metal, spackling, chains, gems and gold leaf on canvas.
size: 60” x 72”

Jo Jo is a robot with style, a big brain and a five-o’clock shadow.
This is the first time that I have done a mixed media art project.

I used many different things that might be found in a house.
Some examples are the eyes which are saw blades,
his nose which is a baking tin for making cakes,
and his mouth has things used for piping.
I hope to do this again.

Vonetta W. (age 16)

Oil paint, gems, crystals and glitter on canvas.
size: 48” x 36”

Like a kiss on my cheek, my face brightens and reads happiness. The music flowing through my ears, such sounds so beautifully set to my soul.

In times of darkness can become light with music.
Heartbeat so regular, every beat matches the beat of a song. Every step I take compares to every note written as a song proceeds. Feeling free isn't a stranger because music is my pain barrier.

It is me, it is my life, it has my heart now and forever more. For if music was taken away from me, my heart, mind and soul would be permanently sore.

Shirenn T. (age 16)

Oil paint, silk flowers, gems, crystals, gold leaf and decoupage on canvas.
size: 60” x 72”

Mil Amores is a painting made to inspire love.

Its vibrant colors and enriching textures give off a warmth that you can share with someone special. You can find many garden animals nestled cozily in the flowers, or butterflies flowing towards the heavens. You might also spy angels spreading love throughout the garden with glitter trails and jeweled hearts.

A simple brushstroke of love and affection brings the
painting together.


photography: Jessica Z. Diamond

Copyright © Love & Art Children's Foundation

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