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After all the artwork was framed, the Hollygrove artists had the opportunity to see their
'exhibit ready' pieces outside the clutter of the studio and wrote about them.
These reflections written by the children became the heart of the Enchanted catalog
excerpted below.

To download the Enchanted... art catalog pdf - click here.

Enchanted catalog cover

Joseph C.
age 9

Oil paint, spackling, crystals, pearls and jewels on canvas
size: 72” x 48”

When it snows on the mountains everything becomes bright and it is beautiful.
I knew I wanted to do something beautiful about mountains. When I see mountains I want to build a house in them so I can see the whole city below.

It would be lonely by myself so I would bring my family and we would take care of the house... keep it as beautiful as the mountains. Once it was sunny... and when it became night, it started to snow and snow until it really started to snow and it got dark and the mountain got bright. One person came in front of it and climbed it... but he fell off it... and died.
Then it stopped snowing.... and it was happy ever after.

Brandon G.
age 11

Oil paint, sand, wood, fabric and glitter on canvas
size: 72” x 60”

On the following masterpiece...
I expressed myself, my heritage, my culture.
I gave lots of thought in it.
It’s named La Hacienda because it’s a ranch.
My heritage is important.
I would chose it again, because I like it.
I did this painting because it represents my family.
I am proud to be what I am. I love my country, it describes who I am. My heritage is cool.
In Mexico they express themselves by like wearing sombreros, hats and boots, and horses. In my perspective, it looks so Mexican.
I love art because it expresses lots of my feelings.
La Hacienda really means a lot to me.

Gerry S.
age 9

Oil paint, gems, rocks, feathers, crystals and glitter on canvas
size: 72” x 48”

My painting is about a world of color.
It reminds me of the bottom of the ocean.
Some people who see it, might see the jewelry on it. Some people might see happiness or sadness in the different colors.
When I was in second grade I read about Picasso
and knew I wanted to paint.
Because an artist can do anything he wants,
he knows how people feel and chooses colors to show them their feelings. I like doing all of it with Miss Alécia. Thank you Miss Alécia.

Genesis V.
age 11

Oil paint, flowers, collage, beads, butterflies and glitter on canvas
size: 40” x 30”

My picture means many things such as...
if you dream hard enough your dream could come true.
For the little girl in the painting, she dreams of a better future. Her family is poor, with a job that barely can put food on the table. Her dreams are the only thing that keep her from depression.
One day outside she finds a book on her life - but she doesn’t know that.
The sweet cake and treats are the sweetness in her heart.

The flowers show how good she is inside. This girl is the wildest dreamer.... and her dreams come true.

Jonathan G.
age 7

Collage, pastels, beads and animals on canvas
size: 36” x 48”

I did a river because it is quiet
and has water for the animals to drink.
The turtles don’t listen
so they are being eaten by the alligator.
The alligator isn’t mean, he hasn’t eaten in days.
The frog jumps next to the dog.
The cheetah lies down.
The snake watches all of them.
I like my painting because it is beautiful.
It is beautiful because it has water and it is quiet.

Oscar M.
age 11

Oil paint, gems, roses, butterflies and glitter on canvas
size: 72” x 48”

My painting reminds me of a dream I had when I was 7 years old.
I call it Enchanted because it is enchanting to me...
beautiful and unknown.
I feel proud of doing my first painting on a canvas.
I felt so happy doing it because I could bring part of my personality into it.
I just found out I have a wild imagination that I like sharing with people.

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Photography: Jessica Z Diamond

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