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L'Enfant et l'Art

During the summer of 2006, Love & Art Children’s Foundation brought its art workshop program to the children of Les P’tits Cracks, a Paris based association dedicated to caring for children with cancer.

The resulting art collection entitled L'Enfant et l'Art was created by twenty-one children ranging in age from 2 to 17 years old.

Half of the collection was created by children confined in sterilized hosiptal rooms undergoing chemotherapy treatments in Hospital Armand Trousseau. These children, isolated from the world for months at a time, welcomed the escape that these colorful art workshops brought into the hospital environment.

Céleste (age 6) creating LA FRANCE at Hospital Armand Trousseau, 2006.

EL AMOR by Ophélie T. (age 14)

The remaining eleven pieces were created by children in remission in an art studio generously donated by Les Ateliers du Carrousel located in the heart of Paris' art mecca at the renowned Palais du Louvre.

The collection was displayed at Les Arts Décoratifs, Hall des Marechaux, Palais du Louvre in May 2007. Following the exhibition, the collection was auctioned by Christie’s Paris during a dinner gala.

The auction of the artwork raised over $350,000USD for the children of Les P’tits Cracks.

This adventure allowed the children to project onto canvasses their lives, their dreams and their fears. It also gave the children a chance to fight for their cause, by empowering them through the auction proceeds, to help other children dealing with cancer.

Collection on exhibit at Les Arts Décoratifs, Hall des Marechaux,
Palais du Louvre, May 2007.


Palais du Louvre

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