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Detail shots: (left) Bumba Meu Boi by Marcelo (age 10).
(right) Borboletas by Maria Vitoria (age 3)
Love & Art Children’s Foundation was born out of the desire to reach out to children in need and to offer them, through the arts, a way of expression, empowerment and hope.

In June 2009, Love & Art began an art workshop with children in Jatai, GO, Brasil that was ongoing through 2011. The resulting collection, entitled Pirlimpimpim, consists of twenty-seven original mixed media artworks.
The Pirlimpimpim exhibit will open the evening of July 2, 2012 at MuBE, o Museu Brasileiro da Escultura in São Paulo, Brasil and will be open to the public July 3rd-8th. For dates, hours and address info for this São Paulo exhibit: click here.

This art collection celebrates the Brasilian childhood and the first children's house built by Love & Art Children's Foundation:
Casa da Criança Amor e Arte
an art, educational and sports facility for underprivileged children in the same Jatai area where the young Pirlimpimpim artists live. For more on Casa da Criança Amor & Arte click here...

Also on exhibit will be a sculpture by renowned designer and architect Dror Benshetrit. Resembling a staircase, the piece entitled "Reach" is a gift from Mr. Benshetrit marking the inauguration of Casa da Criança Amor & Arte. The stainless steel sculpture was generously produced by Mekal in São Paulo with materials donated by Aperam. Following the exhibition the sculpture will be installed at Casa da Criança Amor & Arte - in the words of the designer - "to bridge the ground to the sky as an open stairway, to inspire children’s creativity and dreams.”

Detail shot of A Onça Dudu by Diego L.

Detail shot of Irmão Sol Irmã Lua by T. Maria.

Diego G. working on Noite na Fazenda in Love & Art's Jataí workshop.

Laisa working on O Arco-Íris.

Cassiane working on Chácara da Alegria.

Love & Art Children's Foundation art workshop at MuBE.

REACH by Dror, a stainless steel sculpture - measuring 4.5 meters high, weighing 1.5 tons - on display at the Pirlimpimpim exhibit at MuBE will be relocated to its permanent home at Casa da Criança Amor & Arte in Jataí.

The Pirlimpimpim art collection exhibit info:

Opening Night: 2012 July 2
On exhibit: 2012 July 3rd - 8th

Museu Brasileiro da Escultura
Av. Europa, 218
São Paulo, Brasil

Free to the public
Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00 hrs

visit www.mube.art.br

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"I am an advocate and a true believer of the importance of artistic education for the healthy growth of one’s mind. For this, I am honored and pleased to be able to contribute to the Love & Art Children’s Foundation educative platform in Brazil. It feels great to know that my artistic expression can be part of the educational environment of Casa da Criança Amor & Arte, and that it may inspire the students and help them feel that the sky is the limit."
Dror Benshetrit, Studio Dror - www.studiodror.com

"I believe every human being has the right to express himself or herself through any form of art. When Mekal was invited to participate with Love & Art’s beautiful work with the children in need, we felt more than happy, we felt honored.
Building the sculpture designed by Dror - which is a symbol of the effort and the struggles of life, and the ultimate prize for those who are willing to go on - It gave us that sense of taking part in something very important. I hope the children at Casa da Criança Amor & Arte will feel inspired and renewed every time they look at the sculpture."
Ken Kadow, director at Mekal, a Brazilian company specialized in stainless
steel projects and run by the Kadow family for 3 generations.

Instituto Escola Sao Paulo

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