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The Pirlimpimpim artists wrote about their paintings and Love & Art workshop experience for the art catalog, excerpted below.

To download the Pirlimpimpim art collection catalog pdf - click here.

Pirlimpimpim art catalog cover
The Pirlimpimpim collection catalog cover

Diego (age 11)

Acrylic paint, branches, vines, seeds and stones on canvas.
160 x 120 cm

Well, my name is Diego and I'm 11 years old. It was great to go to teacher Silvia’s house, which is pretty cool. But the really cool thing was to paint a leopard called Dudu.
It took many days, almost a month. Holy moly, isn’t this hard, guys!
It was also nice to be painting so far from home. During that time it was just run, run, run.It was from here and there: I want the paint, I do not want another. Hey, I’m out of yellow. I’m already adding more. And we end up covered in paint, but it was worth it.
My leopard is very cool.

T. Maria (age 8)

Oil paint, pastel, Swarovski crystals, fabric, feathers and glitter on canvas.
130 x 200 cm

I drew angels guarding the world.
They’re like knights guarding a castle.
I love bright colors, but what I love the most is the glitter I used to make the planet.
It’s fun to think about flying like angels...
In the painting they live out in space,
I wish to go there sometime...
Sunny and Moony are their names.
And they wear fancy clothes rather than white gowns.
They take care of all the animals that lay before them and they love the world.

(age 16)

Acrylic paint, crystals, stones, beads and feathers on canvas.
200 x 130 cm.

A bird flying over dropped a seed. And that seed sprouted there because it rained and there was born a beautiful acerola tree.
One day an Indian saw the acerola tree and waited for it to bear fruit. It took several months for the fruit to come. One fine day, the Indian was walking near the foot of the acerola tree and saw beautiful red berries.

He thought it was amazing and went running to call his Indian sister.
Let's go sister! There is new fruit in the savannah! Run let's try these little red berries. They tried it and found it very tasty. A flavor that no other fruit from the savannah had. They stood there savouring the fruit, watching the beautiful sunset.
Then they took the seeds and planted them, because for them it was the most delicious fruit. The Indians lived happily with the acerola harvest.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to paint this picture.

Eduardo (age 10)

Oil paint, chains, spiders, beads and Swarovski crystals on canvas.
130 x 90 cm

A boy went in the laboratory and was bitten by a poisonous spider and then he gained super powers of climbing walls and jumping out of buildings and dropping cobwebs. And so he went from home to school.
I painted a big picture of my drawing, a very large spider and enjoyed painting.
It's pretty cool.

Kenedy (age 11)

Acrylic paint, plastic bottles, beads, crystals and metal on canvas.
125 x 200 cm

I did this painting thinking of a drawing called "Naruto."
So I put some things considering changing everything in the drawing that I show.
I put snakes, swords, knights, etc. This drawing was an inspiration of the art of life. I tried several things to change its way... talking about wars, showing their purple eyes, I show swords, snakes, knives in his leg.
I liked doing Shikamaru, because it is a beautiful drawing of fight and animation.
There are people who think that art is just doing anything, but it’s not. Art is the inspiration that comes from within you.

Gilson (age 10)

Acrylic paint, twigs, feathers and artificial leaves on canvas.
100 x 90 cm

I did a tribute to nature with my painting.
I want to say that this picture means a lot to me - peace, kindness, love and joy for all.
I like to go to a forest to see the birds and I also want joy, protection and security for the animals, because there are many hunters who destroy the forests.
I wish with this painting peace, joy and love to all the families of this world and all animals in that forest.

Ângela (age 11)

Acrylic paint, doll heads, beads and a cow horn on canvas.
130 x 90 cm

The experience of being an artist for a week made me very happy, to know that to be an artist I did not need a super knowledge.
At first I was afraid to express what I felt, but through the art people's feelings are being expressed in every line we draw.
Art opens the doors of the heart without a limit to creativity.
"Faces" represents feelings, that may be, of joy, anger, sadness, happiness, etc. The faces represent what we are, what we do and what we feel. Joy is demonstrated by love, affection and happiness.
No matter what we do, we feel, our faces are always works of art made by the hands of God.

Collaborative artwork

Swarovski crystals and resin skeletons on metal.
52 x 52 cm

Pirlimpimpim in seeing!
Pirlimpimpim in speaking!
Pirlimpimpim in listening!

Evil my eyes will deviate
just beautiful things I want to see.

My mouth will speak no evil
only edifying words,
will I utter.

I will not give ear to evil
life is what I want to celebrate.

Colors, flowers, love
Viva life!
Pirlimpimpim is in the air.

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